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Energy audit completed for PERN

Joint team of GCE consultants from Germany, Russia and Poland successfully finished energy audit of PERN Przyjazn SA, the leading company for oil transportation and storage in Poland.

PERN Przyjazn SA overlooks catering of oil and gas through Poland to eastern European markets. PERN also has three oil storages in Adamów, Plock and Gdańsk of total capacity 3.0 million cubic meters.

Main energy efficiency savings were detected in infrastructure such as pumps, processes, energy management software and installation of renewable energies instead of conventional usage of energy. The audit was executed with a focus on existing infrastructure in their core business processes such as for oil transportation in pipelines, oil storage etc. In addition the GCE Team gave their experts assessment to upcoming plans in investments in infrastructure.

With this audit PERN will be able to save 8,5 Mio kg of CO2. The overall saving of energy will summ up to 6,3 % of total consumption. Most initiatives will have a payback period less than 3 years.


GCE Group is one of the worlds’ leading consultants in energy efficiency working independently of power equipment manufacturers. GCE has been providing services to enterprises using various types of energy recourses: electrical energy, heat, steam, solar energy etc. Clients include major companies from oil, gas and other industries, such as Alcoa, CPFL Energia, Repsol, Gazprom, Rosneft and RUSAL.

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