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Expert: Electronic work permits must be implemented at Russian plants

It saves time and lets staff concentrate on their work

All plants in Russia must implement electronic work permits. This matter was addressed by Alexey Kozlenko, Senior Expert in HSE Management at Salym Petroleum Development N.v. , during the XV International Forum on Industrial Safety.

«Electronic work permits save time and enable workers to concentrate on their work. We implemented the system at Salym oil fields and after that the workers were able to start at 9:00 in the morning and complete the 12-hour shift without any extra complications. Before electronic work permits, they had to go through many authorization procedures», Kozlenko said.

Salym Petroleum Development launched the system of electronic work permits at their plants in December 2015. The oil treatment plant was the first facility where the new system was implemented. Today, all work permits in the company, including mechanical and electrical interlocking, works at power plants, safety assessments, instrumental interlocking and occupational risk assessments, are authorized only via the electronic system.

Source: Business News Agency

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