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By the order bagged from OJSC “RusHydro”, the “Hydropower of Russia” jointly with the GCE Group has developed the organization’s standard for the cost damage recovery calculation in case of accidents and other incidents


In February 2012 RusHydro has approved put into action the HPP organization’s standard for calculating the damage recovery costs, restoration costs and revenue losses due to accidents and other incidents. The “Methodical instructions” was developed by the experts from GCE Group and the non-profit Partnership “Hydropower of Russia” (NP “Hydropower of Russia”). 

Within the frame work of the undertaken tasks a technique for comprehensive evaluation of costs in the event of an incident or emergency was created by the by experts of GCE Group and “Hydropower of Russia”. This is the first in Russia design and implementation of such standard for hydraulic structures.

"Internal corporate standards are needed for major concerns, firstly, for the implementation of a uniform policy in various areas” - said the Director of Science from GCE Group, Alexey Isakov – “On the basis of the methodology the extend of all types of damage in case of accidents and other incidents will be assessed. The data obtained by using the methodology can be considered while considering the civil liability insurance”.

Fact Sheet:
The International GCE Group, as per the Rating Agency “Expert” has been occupying the leading position in the segment “Consulting in the field of production”.  Among the GCE Group customers there companies like Gazprom, Rosneft, TNK-BP, RAO Eastern Energy Systems, TGC-2, OGK-2 and many others.

NP “Hydropower of Russia”, established in 2004 is the Russia's only professional association of hydropower enterprises. The objection of the Partnership is for improving the efficiency and reliability of the hydroelectric complex in Russia by coordinating the activities of the power enterprises and commonly agreed solutions. One of the main activities of the Partnership is to develop standards for the organizations in the field of energy.

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