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Saving water is the latest concern on the path to energy efficiency

“Saving water – this is a global trend that we found in industrial energy efficiency last year”, said Alexander Moskalenko, the President of GCE Group at the World Petroleum Congress in Doha. – “To our surprise the number of targeted requests on water conservation is increasing”

Purified water is used in a number of processes (cooling, chemical reactions, etc.). Firstl, the water itself is an expensive and scarce commodity in many countries. It is believed that by 2030 it will be costlier than oil. Secondly, it is an energy resource that can be spent more effectively.  For example, according to Michael Braydung, the employee of GCE Munich office, the energy saving potential of water on plants, on average, account for 15-20%.

From 4 to 8 December the GCE delegation headed by the president of the Group is located in Doha (Qatar), on the coast of the Persian Gulf, where petroleum experts from all over the world gathered. Here, the World Petroleum Congress is being held under the auspices of the World Petroleum Council for a 20th time.

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